January 2018.

The Original 172 Hot Coral
En Brogue wears the Original 172 Hot Coral

“People sometimes say to me that they’d love to wear trainers, but they don’t think that they suit them. Which is a shame, because EVERYONE should have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort that trainers bring with them. I also don’t believe it’s true at all – anyone can wear trainers! But I understand that it might be a difficult transition to make if they’ve never been part of your wardrobe before, so I thought I would offer some advice on the best trainers to invest in if you’re only just getting into trainers.”

“First off, colour. Or rather, lack of it. While I love bright shades, the sneakers I get the most wear out of are white, or black, or black and white. White trainers are an especially good way into the sneaker world, because they look universally good on everyone, and go particularly well with non-sporty attire, such as tailoring.”

The Original 172 White Grey Sneaker
The Original 172 White Grey Sneaker
The Original 172 Suede Cappuccino
The Original 172 Suede Cappuccino

“Secondly, consider the shape, because there are lots of options and some are easier to style and wear than others. Personally, I find a tennis shoe is a little more flattering on the legs than running styles. Plus you’re less likely to run the risk of looking like you’re wearing your gym shoes by accident. I’d also go for a low-top rather than a hi-top if you’re a trainer virgin, since showing your ankles is the cheat’s way to staying on the right side of chic in your kicks.”

“Finally, pick something that’s well-made and good quality, as nothing looks worse than grubby trainers (unless you’re running cross-country in them, of course). I prefer leather if I can find it, and luckily there are loads of new brands popping up who make subtle, non-branded leather sneakers ideal for those of you who’d rather not wear a sports brand but still want a hint of those springy soles. My particular favourites are Seven Feet Apart (unrivalled for comfort).”

The Original 172 Black Sneaker
The Original 172 Black Black Sneaker
Comfort in The Original 172 White Signature
En Brogue wears The Original 172 White Signature

En Brogue is a blog that focuses on style AND comfort, written by fashion writer Hannah Rochell. You’ll find nothing on her blog but stylish flat shoes and inspiration on how to wear them, along with a few of her illustrations to boot.

Hannah is a fashion journalist with nearly ten years experience in the industry, working at titles such as The Times and InStyle. She NEVER wears heels, mainly because she finds them terribly uncomfortable, but also because she has a bad back and in her own words, “is a bit of a tomboy”. Hannah doesn’t think that wearing flats has any impact on whether or not you look stylish, so long as you choose the right shoes.


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