Maker? Retailer? We’re both.

We are a Maker Retailer. We design and make footwear and then sell it directly to you, online customers. This model is highly efficient and affords cost saving we share with you.

Starting this company is an adventure and a voyage of discovery. We are on an incredible journey and want to share it with you – the highs and lows, the learning and the laughter. If you have specific questions or feedback about our brand, you are very welcome to contact the founders. or

We love a chat.

Time is precious. Here’s how we value ours.

It’s all too easy to jump into a New Year and rush at you to-do list without giving enough (or any) thought to what is most important to do, when and what will generate the right value.

This post might help you prioritise your time to hit your key objectives…

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What’s behind our name?

Naming Seven Feet Apart took days of research, wordplay and soul-searching (no pun intended). We wanted a name with a story behind it. This is that story.

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