Friends choose a different path.

We are fortunate to be a part of a community of friends who share values, ethos and purpose. The spirit of this community explores for and discovers a different path on the quest to better. They are creative, questioning, restless and fascinating.

In Friends, we share the experiences of leaders, thinkers and explorers so that they can illuminate paths we might take ourselves. We also introduce you to makers who have created a product we love and who want to share them with you.

A Wonderful Collaboration

Existing in a realm between pixels and the physical world, the Gutless Wonder shares the inspirations and the behind-the-scenes details about her recent collaboration with our brand.

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The Reinventions of Charley Speed

Charley Speed was discovered – almost by accident – in his teens. Charley was plucked from obscurity and become a sensation, modeling for Calvin Klein alongside supermodel Kate Moss. His look defined a moment. Reinventing himself for TV, Charley presented Britain’s Next Top Model. Now Charley is embarking on a new career – one that sees him on both sides of the camera.

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Phil Carter on making long-lasting marques

Phil Carter is a preeminent British graphic designer. He established Carter Wong with Phil Wong in November, 1984. For over 30 years, the partnership developed world-class, iconic, enduring identities for some of the world’s leading brands, including Formula One and Unilever’s global ice cream business Heartmark. Phil is also a prolific illustrator, rarely separated from a sketchbook and something – anything – to mark people, places and the movement of time.

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Be Kaler Pilgrim on changing the culture of work

Be Kaler Pilgrim is a foremost protagonist for positive employment. She and her agency Futureheads have helped thousands of creative people to find the best roles for their careers and brands, employees. As significantly, she has created a work culture that is recognised as one of the most positive in the UK, earning the agency the title of Great Place To Work™, Runner Up in Small Business, 2016. Be is also a hard-working mother and leading light in the world of User Experience Design.

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