Creating one-of-a-kind – the JO-18 Jools Edition

The JO-18 Jools Edition

“Bro, can you help me make the Mrs a pair of sneakers?”


Sometimes, great things take time to develop. Sometimes, they happen very quickly. This is a story where both are true.

Jamie started wearing SEVEN FEET APART sneakers last year. We even made River Rocket a pair – which have now been gifted to Sophie Bonbofie to help raise awareness for Down syndrome.


Sophie, Jamie and Jools

Then, three months ago, Jamie contacted us with the seed of an idea.

He and his wife, Jools, were about to celebrate their 18th Wedding Anniversary and he wondered if we could make an exclusive sneaker with him. And it was to be ‘with,’ not ‘for.’ Jamie wanted to be wholeheartedly involved.

What followed was one of the most intense development projects we have ever undertaken.

Jamie wears the Original 172 Grey and All Black
Jamie wears Grey and All Black

Making a new sneaker normally can take 24 weeks.

We had 12.

The JO-18 Jools Edition - Matt and Jamie discuss designs

Jamie wanted to pay tribute to the Hi Tops – famous from the worlds of Basketball and Skateboarding. He wanted to make something retro – both he and Jools love old skool kicks.

We started sketching – Jamie in his London HQ, Antoine, our Principle Designer, in Portugal and us in St Albans. Dozens of possible directions were thrown into the mix. We hacked into them until we arrived at something we all loved.

Two weeks in.

We made three prototypes, one every two weeks. Each time, working with Jamie, we tweaked and changed details. This image shows the ‘last but one’ proto, with our maker notes still on the shoe.

When we were sure we had designed the best sneaker in the world, we pressed the button and made the wearable production sample. One pair. A true one-off.

The JO-18 Jools Edition prototype
The handmade JO-18 Jules Edition box

And then, last weekend, the one and only JO-18 Jools Ltd Edition arrived in the UK – not a day too soon!

It’s been to a studio to have its photo taken, visited a box maker and been kept under close guard until today. All the time, despite the excitement mounting, we have had to keep this sneaker a secret so we didn’t let the cat out of the bag. Now the Anniversary is finally here – 11 weeks later.

And what happens next? Well, let’s see… Pop over to our Instagram here and tell us what you think.

Thank you to Jamie for calling on us to help and Happy Anniversary! And thanks to all the brilliant people in Portugal and the UK who made his idea come to life. We all love the JO-18 and hope that Jools does too.

Big Love x

The JO-18 Jools Edition is not available to buy – sorry – but check out the Original 172 Sneakers. Jamie wears these too… boy loves his sneakers!

Visit Sophie’s charity, Stepping Stones, here