Being colourful – Introducing Nicolas Dixon, our first sneaker collaborator.


An acclaimed artist he might be, but it’s Nic’s open manner that makes him the perfect collaborator.

“My art comes from life experience, which has been pretty colourful up to press!” 

Thrown together by fate, Nicolas and SEVEN FEET APART first met in Yorkshire in November 2017. Since then, we’ve been working together to bring his art to life with the Original 172 as the canvas. Here, Nicolas introduces his unique artistic style and explains why he wanted to create a new outlet for his work.

Nicolas Dixon for Edible


“Without going into War & Peace here is the short version…

I came the long way round and didn’t start painting until later in my life. I started life as a DJ, studied at Leeds College of Music, doing the first Music Production course of its type in the UK in the early 90’s. I finished my studies then went on my travels around Asia with a box of records. I had residency opportunities in South America & London but turned my back on a career in music in the name of love!!!

I lived in Germany, getting up to no good for a year, then came back to the UK and spent the next ten years in the artistic wilderness.

In this time, amongst other things, I had my own successful tiling business. But my heart & head was never in it. Then the recession hit and everything went tits up including my business.

At around the same time – as if guided by an angel – I showed my friend & artist Mikey Brain some abstract sketches I had done from my time in Germany. He was pretty blown away by what I showed him and couldn’t believe that I  hadn’t shown him before. The next day we collaborated and within 6 weeks we had amassed enough paintings to have a show.

We sold 6 pieces and for the first time my path & the decisions I had made, made total sense and I have been painting ever since.”

Nicolas Dixon

Describe your artistic genre and style? 

“I don’t like to pigeonhole my style but if I have to say it could be abstract surrealist or abstract colourist or both, but definitely abstract.”

Where does your inspiration come from?

“It comes from my life experience’s which have been pretty colourful up to press! They (well most of them) are locked away somewhere deep inside my sub-consciousness & when the time comes to putting paint on whatever my canvas may be, I channel into this and let the process unfold organically.”


Describe the different canvases that you have used in the past?

“My style is such that it lends itself to most things from hotel walls in Ibiza to life-size fibreglass giraffe’s in Antwerp, kangaroos in Australia, beach huts at Liverpool docks and full restaurant walls, 4 rooms over 2 floors (which are going for a Michelin Star this year) in York.

I’ve done record covers for Eats Everything’s edible label, turntable weights for Master sound. I have done nightclub walls and a mural in Europe’s largest indoor market in Leeds. I have my own bespoke range of coffee tables in collaboration with Bare Joinery. An, of course,  the best sneakers about – the Original 172 Dx -7’s with SEVEN FEET APART.

I am currently in Australia painting a massive showroom with Next Level, one of the biggest luxury elevator companies – and doing designs which will be available all over Australia within the next couple of months… Oh, and I’ve just been commissioned to paint a surfboard before returning to the UK.


What attracted you to doing a sneaker?

“I have been looking for a sneaker to paint for some time now but nothing seemed to fit. Then I was introduced by a friend to SEVEN FEET APART and their badass sneakers. As soon as I saw them, tried them on and the team, I knew this was the sneaker company that I had been waiting for.”

What are your aspirations in the future as an artist?

“I would like to inspire people to follow their dreams, never give up and put smiles on the faces in all four corners of the globe.”

This story is just beginning…

Over the coming months, we will be releasing a range of different Nicolas Dixon x SEVEN FEET APART sneakers. Each one will be unique in some way.

We start with the Custom Edition.

Nicolas invites you to commission him to hand paint a completely unique pair of DX-7’s. You can select the base and the colours and Nicolas does the rest. Each pair is a 1-of-1 Edition, signed by the artist and in an exclusive box.

You can commision Nicolas here.

Thank you, Nicolas, and we look forward to a colourful collaboration across our range.